On-Site Training

The advantage of on-site training is both less overall cost and higher quality training. Training costs can quickly add up when your staff are sent to a remote location to attend a training course. It is often tempting to let workers learn through trial and error but this is also a waste of time and money. A simple solution to such a logistical problem is the Vocational Institute of Michigan’s (VIM) on-site training option.

Another advantage of on-site training is that our training programs can be tailored to your exact requirements. Our training can take place in a typical classroom environment, in your office, or out on the plant floor. Certain factors will dictate whether classroom or on-the-job training is best, such as the number of students and their skill level.

The advantages of on-site training are you choose:

When you purchase our on-site training, you receive these benefits:

  • Flexible location – at your facility, in your training center, on the plant floor
  • Flexible schedule that works best for your employees
  • Dedicated instructor emphasizing hands-on, job-related training relevant to your employees’ skill and knowledge needs as well as your requirements
  • Overall training cost-savings – eliminate expenses incurred with sending employees to off-site training
  • Employees that attend the same training and learn the same information

Virtual On-Line Instructor

We also offer training through an instructor guiding your workforce via computer. This allows your workers to be anywhere in which they have access to a telephone/mic,PC and high speed internet to participate in the same training session together. VIM can also record the session for future analysis by your company.

On-Line Independent Training

Is assembling your staff together at one time a momentous task or impossible? VIM can setup training that workers can access via the web at any time. Workers once in the course will be able to complete assignments, take test on company related issues, or other customized items that may be available.


VIM provides customized on-site, virtual online, and independent online training courses to meet your industry, application, and system-level training needs. This offering is available for companies who want to ensure their employees are highly skilled in certain applications, systems, or within certain industries.

To obtain more information about company training or to place an order, please complete and submit the VIM Training Request form below.