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VIM Entrance Exam

VIM's Entrance Exam is used in order to fairly assess those applicants from non-traditional educational backgrounds, such as those not having a High School Diploma or a General Educational Development (GED), or who have not passed at a 9th grade or higher level in math and reading from a state approved testing center.

The Entrance Exam is comprised of reading comprehension exercises and mathematical problems. No specific preparation is required.



You take the exam on-line through VIM's Learning Center. Entrance Exam must be taken a minimum of three days prior to the start date of the desired class. A $25 USD (No cash currency accepted) application fee must be paid prior to taking the entrance exam.

You must pass the entrance exam with a 70% grade or above  to be eligible for Vocational Institute of Michigan programs.

CFC Certification
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), federal regulations require that a technician buying refrigerants for air conditioners and refrigeration systems must be universally certified to handle CFC-11 class tools and supplies.


Upon payment participants will be registered in the next scheduled CFC test.CFC Test are administered at 10:30 A.M every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month. There is an optional overview session at 10:00 A.M prior to each test.

Test Location:


What you will do

Refrigeration/air-conditioning technicians may do some or all of the following:

  • advise clients on different refrigeration/air-conditioning systems
  • consult with clients and refrigeration/air-conditioning design engineers about system installation
  • assemble and install pipe work for refrigeration/air-conditioning systems
  • install or oversee the installation of refrigeration/air-conditioning systems
  • check existing refrigeration/air-conditioning systems for leaks and faults
  • repair and maintain refrigeration/air-conditioning systems
  • test and balance systems once they are installed.
This on-line workshop will prepare students on how to study and pass professional certification or  licensing exam.